Monday, July 15, 2013

BeetiFresh Drink

SuWhey is a light refreshing drink made from cherries, whey and Agave nectar. This is equally full of protein and healthy with low calories. One can use any other fruits in place of the cherries.


Jollof Rice is a dish which is very popular in Ghana, made in homes, and sold in most restaurants, in the local market areas and around street corner stores. This dish is also made in other countries in Africa such as Nigeria. It can be made with chicken, goat meat, beef, dried fish, fresh fish, shrimps/prawns, dried powered herrings or un powdered herrings as well, eggs, with canned fish like mackerel, sardines and so on. So the sky is the limit when it comes to the meats that can be used in the preparation of Jollof Rice.

The variation of the spices that is often used in its preparation is equally endless. Some spices used are, both regular and seasoning salts, garlic salts, red chilies, habanero chilies, magi cubes which is mostly used, ginger, wisa, nutmeg, onions, shallots, garlic and so on. When it comes to Jollof Rice preparation, some prefer to add cut up vegetables likes carrots, green beans, peas, and other greens to it. Depending on the tomatoes used and chilies, it can come out very red, light orange and so on but the color of this meal does not always take away the taste of the dish as it always comes out very tasty.

Also depending on ones preference various types of rice can be used; jasmine rice, basmati rice, long grain rice, brown rice and so on; but my preference in the preparation of Jollof Rice are basmati rice, jasmine and long grain rice as I feel these types of rice give a great taste, and feel to this dish- just my opinion. Jollof Rice can be served with a salad to the side, boiled eggs, fried fish and so on. Traditionally it its preparation, heat management is a must so one does not come out with a very burnt rice. cling wrap or other safe plastic bags are used to cover the Jollof Rice after all the water in it is absorbed to hasten the cooking process and to come out with a very soft texture. The amount of water one can use will depend on the quantity of rice, the length of time the meats take to cook as tougher meats need more cooking and water. Can be served as a dinner, lunch, and generally a great dish for any occasion.

Refreshing Salad

his is a very refreshing salad, that is great for any occasion. The variation of the greens is okay and if preferred any vinaigrette of your choice should be fine. Always remember to make and vary this recipes to your taste and availability of the ingredients. But this my Refreshing Salad goes well with the salmon, any fish for that matter and also goes well with meats like baked or grilled chicken, beef, mutton, pork, goat meat and so on or can just be eaten without the meats and fish.

Spicy Avocado Dip

Spicy Avocado Dip is one of my avocado dips that I have come to love. It is simple and made with California avocados in season right now. This dip can be eaten not only with the tortilla chips but goes well with pita and some crackers as well. The Himalayan salt gives it a very great taste.

BeetiFresh Drink

BeetiFresh Drink is a drink I have been enjoying for some time now. Beets are full of nutrients and are very helpful in reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, and in cleansing the liver among others. Ever since I saw Dr. Oz's show on beets it got me going on how many recipes I could make with beets. This is one of the numerous beets recipes that I have come to enjoy and would be glad if you tried it too. Is easy to make and for those who want a lighter form of the beet juice this is for you, so come on and lets rip the benefits of beets together!

Beet Juice

Beets are very nutritious as they are full of vitamins. They help in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and simply put a great way to help improve one's life style. This is one of the numerous beets recipes that I have come to enjoy and would be glad if you tried it too. Is easy to make and one can even further make use of the residue by adding some water and getting some more nutrients out of it, so come on and lets rip the benefits of beets together!