Monday, April 28, 2014

Chicken Gizzards

Another of my bizarre foods that is quick and easy to make. Please try it out and it can equally go well with steamed rice, potatoes.

Spicy Chicken Livers

Spicy Chicken Livers can go with cooked rice, potatoes, or can be used as a filling for tortillas. Is very tasty and easy to make.

Riceballs With Groundnut Soup / Peanut Soup

Riceballs and Groundnut Soup / Peanut Soup is a very authentic African recipe that is very filling. Please try this recipe and you will love the taste. Can vary meats and spices to your liking and will still come up with an excellent recipe.

Fried Frog Legs

Fried Frog Legs are very tasty and full of protein and less fat. For this recipe you can eat the Fried Frog Legs as an appetizer with the sweet chili and mustard sauce that I created here. Or the Fried Frog Legs can be eaten with steamed rice as in this recipe. Please try this out and you might be pleasantly surprised at how tasty frog legs are.

Beet Juice

Beets are very nutritious as they are full of vitamins. They help in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and simply put a great way to help improve one's life style. This is one of the numerous beets recipes that I have come to enjoy and would be glad if you tried it too. Is easy to make and one can even further make use of the residue by adding some water and getting some more nutrients out of it, so come on and lets rip the benefits of beets together!

Salmon And Tomato Stew

Sometimes a stew with very few ingredients brings out all sorts of taste. Salmon And Tomato Stew is very simple and goes well with not only the Grilled Beets and Zucchini video on my channel but with other foods like cooked rice, yams, potatoes, quinoa and so on. Dish is low fat and packed with flavor.

Fried Yams

Fried Yams is a very popular meal that is sold in most street corners, marker places, home, school and so on. The type of yams used are laribako, and pona, among other varieties. The Fried Yams is mostly eaten with a fresh tomato salsa and some fried fish. Sometimes canned sardines can be used.

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

For this recipe -Fresh Mozzarella Cheese: Ingredients are below: 1 1/2 Gallons Whole Milk 3/4 Cups Distilled White Vinegar Directions: Bring the 3/4 cups Whole Milk in a pot to boil. Turn off heat. Add 3/4 cups of the distilled white vinegar, and stir for some seconds -about 30 seconds. Cover and let stand for 30 minutes.After 30 minutes of cooling pass through some layers of cheese cloth, squeeze and turn till most of the whey is taken out. Add some Himalayan salt or any salts of your likeness, knead into Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, shape ball to any shape and serve with crackers or use in making another cheesy dishes.

Micro Twisted Braids

Started to learn how to braid after I saw how expensive it was to braid. Still in the process of learning other ways of putting in the braids. Am equally learning how to put in weaves but with my current way of putting in the braids kind of very slow to start- work in progress. I also do box braids and regular braids but my daughter love Micro Twisted Braids as in this video.

Whey Tamarind Refresher

There are so many uses for whey after one makes cheese. In this video I have made Whey Tamarind Refresher a slightly spicy, sour and sweet drink full of protein. I have some other videos and how to make use of all the Whey after cheese making.

Wheyed Up Smoothie

This is another way of making use of your whey after cheese making. I have used beets but one can vary the fruits with, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes and so on and should be fine.


SuWhey is a light refreshing drink made from cherries, whey and Agave nectar. This is equally full of protein and healthy and a low calorie drink. One can use any other fruits in place of the cherries.

Whey Beverage

We grew up drinking a number of beverages like Milo, Bournvita, unsweetened chocolate drink, cacao powder. Using the whey that is left after making cheese, one can utilize it in place of milk or water that is often used in making these beverages. Can take this Whey Beverage with some scones, biscuits,crackers and so on.


There are so many uses of whey and curd. One of them is in making this traditional millet drink- Zomkoum often given to visitors, farmers and others after a hard days work. This drink is common in the northern, upper east and west regions of Ghana

Fried Rabbit

My Fried Rabbit recipe is a very tasty slightly spicy one. The Fried Rabbit can be used in making stew and instead of frying, the seasoned rabbit meat can be grilled as well. Rabbit meat is full of protein, and lean as well.


This is another of my go to recipe, is easy and quick to make especially when the chicken has been precooked and shredded. You can vary the cheese as well or make an all vegetarian Casadia.