Saturday, April 19, 2014

Taro root / Taro root leaves Or Coco yams /Nkontomire

Coco yams come in white or slightly purple forms and are cooked just like yams plantains potatoes and so on. Coco yams are known as taro in north America and the leaves can be used in making stews and soups. In Ghana the stew is known as Nkontomire stew. When pounded Agusi is added to the Nkontomire stew you get palava sauce but in place of the Nkontomire or taro root leaves, one can use any leafy green such as aleifu, spinach, collard greens and one's vegetable stew will be fine. Not only are the roots of the taro or coco yams eaten but their leaves as well. Will be making videos on the Nkontomire palava sauce and in cooking the coco yams or taro root.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fried Tilapia

Frying any fish whole is something we did growing up. Tilapia was one of the fishes that we fried growing up and I did enjoy and still eating the head of the tilapia. In another video on my channel I show how the fish head is eaten and the Otoliths - fish stones taken out. For this video I show two ways of frying the fresh fish: one with just the seasoning as in video and the other with a coating of all purpose flour and a little salt. This method of frying the fresh tilapia can be used in frying red sniper, cat fish and other types of fish as well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eating A Fried Tilapia Fish And Otoliths

I have eaten fried fish heads for many, many years. The fried fish head especially of Tilapia is the one I love best. If well seasoned and fried, the whole fish and its head are a great protein source. Fried fish is sold in most areas in Ghana especially in market areas, restaurants, local corner stores and by street corners. But in eating the fried fish head attention should be paid to the fish stones known as otoliths which when bitten into can damage ones teeth. Depending on how old the fish is the fish stones -otoliths can be very big. These otoliths look like ivory and can be used in jewelry making in certain parts of the world.