Saturday, April 19, 2014

Taro root / Taro root leaves Or Coco yams /Nkontomire

Coco yams come in white or slightly purple forms and are cooked just like yams plantains potatoes and so on. Coco yams are known as taro in north America and the leaves can be used in making stews and soups. In Ghana the stew is known as Nkontomire stew. When pounded Agusi is added to the Nkontomire stew you get palava sauce but in place of the Nkontomire or taro root leaves, one can use any leafy green such as aleifu, spinach, collard greens and one's vegetable stew will be fine. Not only are the roots of the taro or coco yams eaten but their leaves as well. Will be making videos on the Nkontomire palava sauce and in cooking the coco yams or taro root.

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