Sunday, February 19, 2012

Various Ripeness Of Plantains

Tilapia With Vegetables

This dish will gradually introduce one to fish with the combination of vegetables.

Fresh Salad

Potatoes With Fresh Salad

Spicy Plantain Fritters

Yams -Laribako

Depending on where one comes from, yam may mean entirely a different thing. In Ghana, yam and potatoes are very different even though they are all from the tuber family. The sizes of yams in Ghana can range from very small to very large depending on the variety of yams. The most common varieties that are cultivated in Ghana are laribako, pona,dudunbanza, purple yams among others. The insides of the yams range from white, slightly yellowish, to purple yams. Some varieties of yam are softer than others. The varieties of yams that I like most are laribako and pona. So I was flabbergasted when I first saw potato being referred to as yam in North America. The image of the yams in this piece are laribako. Yams are grown in other African countries like Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso Senegal(many other African countries cultivate yams as well not mentioned herein) and in the Caribbeans as well.

Yams are cultivated for home consumption and also as a cash crop. Certain regions in Ghana such as the Northern regions, upper east and west regions, Brong Ahafo regions are among some of the regions where yams are grown on commercial basis and during the yams season, the prices of the yams are great as there is more often supply than demand. Yams are very perishable so is a great idea to keep the yams in an airy space when purchased.

During the yam season, almost every home makes a dish from it. Some of the dishes made from yams are fufu which is pounded yams, just boiled, fried, mashed yams. Yams can be cooked with the skins on with some salt. Most of these dishes are made in homes and also sold in street corners,bars, and restaurants. to be continued....

Fried Yams

Rice Salad

Mouth Watering Burgers

InsideOut Appetizers

InsideOut Appetizers

Eating With Your Eyes

One of the first things that attracts me to food is the smell of the food, just take a moment and think about a short walk through your neighborhood on a beautiful summer day or in an area where a number of restaurants are located and the varied smell of cuisines that greet you is simply priceless. After the smell of the food comes the color of the food to me, as we mostly eat with our eyes. Then comes the tasting part which may either make me want some more or not. I love food from different cultures as this gives me an appreciation of how many different ways a particular grain, fruit, vegetable may be prepared. Spicy foods are my favorite as I grew up eating lots of spicy foods be they fried, steamed and so on. Love cooking, and sharing the foods I make. I have learned to cook from a number of my friends so my cooking incorporates not only Ghanaian dishes but other cuisines as well. Great and healthy foods nourishes one's soul and keeps one going day in and out.