Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eating With Your Eyes

One of the first things that attracts me to food is the smell of the food, just take a moment and think about a short walk through your neighborhood on a beautiful summer day or in an area where a number of restaurants are located and the varied smell of cuisines that greet you is simply priceless. After the smell of the food comes the color of the food to me, as we mostly eat with our eyes. Then comes the tasting part which may either make me want some more or not. I love food from different cultures as this gives me an appreciation of how many different ways a particular grain, fruit, vegetable may be prepared. Spicy foods are my favorite as I grew up eating lots of spicy foods be they fried, steamed and so on. Love cooking, and sharing the foods I make. I have learned to cook from a number of my friends so my cooking incorporates not only Ghanaian dishes but other cuisines as well. Great and healthy foods nourishes one's soul and keeps one going day in and out.


  1. Great blog Fausta! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Martha still developing the blog. I like yours as well.