Monday, April 16, 2012

Okra or Okro

Okra or Okro as I know it,  is a greenish vegetable that is low in calories and high in fiber. It is rich in vitamins A, C, and K. It is gluten free. Okra or Okro grows in the tropics and temperate weathers especially in Africa, and can be frozen or dried in small pieces or whole for later use. It can be cooked alone or with other vegetables like bean leaves, pumpkin leaves, aleifu leaves, spinach, colored greens, used in stews and so on. It can be cut into smaller pieces, pounded, or cooked whole, whatever method that is used in  cooking okra/okro it comes out great. I enjoyed eating both the fresh and dried okra/okro growing up.

This is a recipe using fresh okra/okro. Okra/okro can be prepared many different ways and depending on the way is prepared, it can come out very non slimy or very slimy. This recipe is non slimy but I would upload another video that shows how slimy okra/okro can get when prepared a slightly different way. This recipe can be varied many different ways with either adding shrimp, fish, dried smoked fish, dried herrings and it will come out fine as well.

Okra/Okro And Beef Stew


The next video shows how okra/okro when prepared a slightly different way comes out slimy. With the Okra/Okro Spinach Soup, the okra/okro is slimy but tastes equally great. Depending on the preparation method, oil can be used or not. Not using any oils is the better way to go but that depends on the preference of the person cooking the okra/okro or the people the person is cooking for.

Okra/Okro Spinach Soup



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