Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kosee Or Bean Fritters

Beans was one of the major sources of protein and we surely ate alot of it. This recipe Kosee Or Bean Fritters also called Akara, can be made with many types of bean and even bambara beans flour. In the absence of the the black eye bean flour pea flour can be used and this is sold in most Indian stores. Kosee Or Bean Fritters is made in most homes, sold in market areas and on street corners. In its simplest form is eaten with a mixture of salt and pepper which is sprinkled over the fried Kosee Or Bean Fritters. But this can be eaten with some stew or other vegetables or goat broth. The little droplets as demonstrated in this video are very crunchy and most often we waited until the end of the Kosee making process to get a lot of it.

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