Monday, December 2, 2013


Tubani is a very popular dish in the northern parts of Ghana but know eaten in other parts of the country as well. Growing up this was a dish we frequently made at home as it was one of the main sources of protein. But we used sheabutter and some pepper and salt, but can be eaten with the tomato stew as showed in this video. In making the Tubani one can use the flour from other beans and even bambara beans works as well when it comes to the preparation of this dish. As indicated in the video, a special leave is used in Ghana for this dish but in the absence of this dish, one can use any large green leafy vegetable like the collard green, grape leaves, taro root leaves, cling rap and it should be fine as well. Traditionally we did not use steamers in making this dish, but we improvised by putting some sticks or edible leaves at the bottom, added some water before placing the covered up raw Tubanis on top, then covered and cooked till done as shown in the video. The mixture for the Tubani is the same as that of the Kosee Or Bean Fritters video on my channel except is steamed not fried. I know other west African countries may equally make this dish - Tubani. This is a vegetarian dish as well!!!

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